Frequently Asked Questions

Health Saving Plan is owned by the individuals & family. And it is differentiating from Insurance where Insurance is a concept where a large number of individuals who are exposed to a similar risk, come together to pool small quantities to many. So that any individual who suffers the risk is paid a monthly compensation as agreed. Health Saving funds can be used to pay for current or future Health care expenses. And also these funds can be used for Health & Wellness initiative for a life time; he/she can take a part of paying future Health Insurance Premium, covering non hospitalized expenses, covering non admissible expenses and etc.

An HSA offers numerous benefits. By choosing an Health Saving Fund, these are a multitude benefits that you take advantage of which includes:

  • You can opt or make a Health & Wellness Initiative decisions in more uniform and systematic way.
  • It provides a Medical Navigation & Flexibility to opt health care services and products.
  • Health Saving Fund will be with you always when you change jobs, when you retire.
  • Gift for your family Health control other important savings you own your Health Saving Plan.
  • Money you don’t use in your Health Saving Plan rolls over from year to year and accumulates dividends also.
  • Exclusive savings for post-retirement Health & Wellness initiatives
  • Potentially grow your savings for Healthcare & wellness.

In Brief: Like any health care option, Health Savings have advantages and disadvantages. As you assess your options, think about your budget and what health care you're likely to need in the next future years.
If you're generally healthy and want to save for future health care expenses, a Health Savings will be an attractive choice. Or if you're near retirement, a Health Saving may make sense because the money can be used to offset costs of medical care after retirement.
On the other hand, if you think you might need expensive medical care in the next year and would find it hard to meet a high cost, an Health Savings a might not be your best option. However be a member on the person-to-person basis if cost of health care is high, you have a option of taking a Health Loan or Preferred loan.

Any individual / Family or one who want to member on your own. Small institutions can opt Health Saving Fund for their employees Health & wellness Initiatives to meet their health and families’ health cost.

Yes, anyone can opt for Health Saving Plan even if you have Health Insurance. As it serves many things in terms of Health & Wellness services. If you are covered by Health Insurance Plan (through employer or Individual) still being eligible to opt an Health Saving Plan; Dental, Vision, Short and long -term disability; long term care, and certain Health non admissible expenses; paying for Health Insurance premium for life time, cover out of pocket expenses, Independent to opt Health and Wellness Initiatives for life time. Such as Phynictherepy, Naturopathy, Meditation, Travelling for Health purpose and many more wellness services

You can pay expenses with funds from your Health Saving plan by using our exclusive app, or raising Invoice from Service provider or Reimburse yourself later with from your Health Saving.

Here we provide multiple options to pay for expenses. Kindly be in touch with your Health Saving fund facilitator.

You can use it in our all Health care service providers, empanelled clinics, Diagnostics, Hospitals, and other wellness service providers. And ect…

You can check through by visiting our member website, or calling customer care, or exclusive app by downloading.

You can use your HSA to cover Health & wellness expenses for you & your spouse, and dependents (Parents, Children’s, and Family Members)

There is no limit for the same. However we recommend based on your age, Health profile, risk at job, dependents, place at work. Considering all you can make a decision.

Yes. You can, based on your financial needs you can do that.

Unused HSA funds roll over year to year, funds will be accumulating and earning dividends. May at the age of 55+ you will be having a corpus of Health saving funds to choose your Health & wellness initiatives regularly. This makes you & your family will be independent on your health & wellness cost.

There are many benefits from your Health Saving fund facilitator, Health Saving Fund that you consider before closing your account, consider keeping your Health Saving Fund do continue to save for your future health & wellness initiative expenses. If you still feel a need to close your account, please call our center. We strongly recommend you to know the value of HSA as it is a strong and main source (separate fund which you’re maintaining) for you and your family members for Health & Wellness services
Feel free to call our center if you still intend to close your Health Saving Fund.

Every time, there is a question mark, what if my Health Insurance crosses limit, lapses, if premium discontinued, and there is question, how long I should I pay for my Health Insurance? And What if I retire, Change my job?

For the same we don’t have Universal security for Health? Here your Health Savings funds are never lost due to any circumstances above you can use them to pay for your health and wellness initiative for present, future also and till life time. However you can stop making your saving contribution any time depends on financial need.

Yes, launching it soon. It’s under construction.

You can access form by logging into the member website.
Any further queries log on to member website or call customer care

It is optional either you go for single Health Savings fund with double the investment as per the family members or go for Individual HSA accounts for all.

Yes you can use this for your family as well as your friends. There is no restriction in use it for Health & Wellness services.

Yes, You can. However we won’t suggest the same to withdraw for non-medical expenses. For the same in any emergency based on your corpus we provide preferred loans to meet your other requirements.

Yes, there are two types of loan can be availed depend on the need.
Health Loan & Preferred Loan based on one-to-one basis.

Yes, definitely all our members will get a Health Saving Card.
You can use this card with our Health Saving Contributors, Network Labs, Network Hospitals, and other wellness service contributors.

You may request a new card through validating the details with us.

Certainly. All our members can transfer the money to our empanelled service providers using our Exclusive Android Mobile App. It’s very easy to download, you can view your balances, previous transactions and you can transfer from one account to another account immediately.
There are 2 ways you can do it 1. You need to scan the QR Code or 2. Add payee and transfer the money/make the payments instantly.

You can access forms by logging to our member website or visiting our office or call to our customer care service.